Liberia is Ebola Free

I arrived in Liberia on May 5. As we got off the shuttle bus to go into the airport terminal, there were buckets set up and everyone was directed to wash their hands. You could smell the stench of chlorine in the water. From this I knew for myself that Liberia, the entire nation and all of its citizens were taking the fight against Ebola very seriously.

 Everywhere I went, whether a guesthouse, hotel restaurant or church, there were containers of bleached tinged water. At the meeting of the Lutheran Church in Liberia I washed my hands and had my temperature taken before entering the room. This seems to be standard operating procedure in most gatherings.

This way of being helped Liberia achieve the Ebola free status, the diligence, the tenacity and determination to put an end to this dreaded disease was evident everywhere. Leaving Liberia I heard a radio announcer remind the people that even though they had gained an Ebola free status they must not become lacks. He knows as he told the people listening that Sierra Leone and Guinea have not been declared free of Ebola and the borders are porous.

So, we all continue to pray as we walk toward an Ebola free West Africa. I am Madagascar, Central Africa and westafricabound.

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