A New Friend From Ghana

Oduro at Grace “Water in the bottle too long stinks,” and “All fingers are not the same length,” are words of wisdom I heard from Rev. Dr. Thomas Oduro president of Good News Theological College and Seminary (GNTCS) in Ghana this week. He was visiting Chicago to meet people and make connections with Lutheran pastors and theologians before he ended his sabbatical in the US. He has been in the states since September of 2012 researching and writing his next book. It was my pleasure to host him.

In a previous blog I talked about my visit to GNTCS in March; I met the vice president and the other staff at that time. Dr. Oduro was not present. Yet, at our meeting it was like two old friends getting together again. We talked about African and African American theology; we talked about God, our lives and our children. We shared authors, music, resources and a few meals together;  know I have a new friend.

Good News Theological Seminary and College

Good News Theological Seminary and College


Although most of my work is with other Lutherans, Dr. Oduro is ordained in the AIC, that is African Independent Churches. We have a relationship with this seminary that trains pastors for AIC that goes back to the 1970s. GNTCS has a long history of connection with the Lutheran Church.

As part of his visit I took Dr. Oduro to  Lutheran Theological School at Chicago (LSTC) to meet members of that community especially some of the African American professors of LSTC and McCormick Seminary. It was a time of lively and informative conversation with a commitment from all parties to stay connected.

I know I will be seeing Dr. Thomas Oduro on my next trip to Ghana because I will be westafricabound soon.

*Dr. Oduro’s authored the book Christ Holy Church International; he also contributed to Music in the Life of the African Church. You can find both books on amazon.

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