Up,Up and Away

Yaounde to N'Gaoundere 007I am traveling from Yaounde to N’Gaoundere. I will be staying for a about a week in N’Gaoundere at the Protestant Mission Station. There I  will meet with the Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Cameroon EELC, ELCA missionaries here and visit in the region. And I have to get there.

The surprise for me was the transportation options. I never thought that I would get in a plane as small as the plane you see in the above picture. We flew down with Hans and Martha who are doctors from Duluth Minnesota who have volunteered their time and expertise to help in N’Gaoundere Protestant Hospital and work with the health system here.

The trip from Yaounde is about twelve-hour drive on some unpaved roads, we will get home that way making frequent stops but first we had to get here. So, I got in the plane. Justin was our pilot and thanks be to God the flight was smooth.Yaounde to N'Gaoundere 020

On this adventure that God has called me to, I am doing many things that I never thought I would do. I was sitting at the table at lunch with Hans and Martha when Hans asked me what was the most difficult part of my job thus far. I had to think about it. I must say that the hardest part of my job thus far has been getting into this tiny plane. I did it! I survived; and if I have to I will do it again.

Man God give me courage as I am westafricabound.

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