God’s Excellent Adventure

I arrived in Yaounde, Cameroon, which is actually Central Africa, around 7:25 p.m. Thursday. This was after about sixteen hours of travel: from Chicago at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday to Brussels and from Brussels with a brief stop in Dauola and on to Yaounde. On the trip from Brussels to Africa I met a Swiss doctor who supervises the work of others in Yaounde. He spoke of the many people of goodwill he has met through his work and travels. Many of these people, he says, are volunteers and missionaries.

I was met at the airport by two of these people of goodwill Anne and Willie Langdji. They picked me up in the official church vehicle to take me to their home which also functions as a guest house for ELCA visitors. First we had to report that my luggage did not arrive. I suppose it decided to have a short vacation in Brussels and will join me soon. At least I pray it will.


Staying at the Langdji’s home at present are Deb and Joe Troester who are here because of their evacuation from CAR. I had a lovely dinner with them along with Keshie and Jackie, nieces of Willie, my first night here. I was happy to eat a Cameroonian style meal with manioc, plantains, grilled fish, greens and a very nice hot pepper sauce. It reminded me of the pepper sauce made over ten years ago by my former Togolese mother-in-law Carolyn Dagbovi, who I affectionately called Meme.

I slept for the first time under mosquito netting. It is important to make sure you tuck in the edges of the net so that mosquitoes don’t get under it. Right now it isn’t a bad mosquito season. So, I am getting practice on how to secure myself under it. For my first few nights, I am staying at the Langdji’s but soon I will move to my own apartment that will be my “base of operations” until I go home.

Monday morning is my first French lesson. So pray for me as I am westafricabound and officially on God’s excellent adventure!

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  1. Paula Stecker
    Jan 21, 2013 @ 17:56:47

    Dear God, as a mother responds to the babbling of her babies, so may Africa encourage and nurture Andrea as she learns to communicate with those around her. Amen.


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